Your Professional Social Network Data Analyzed by AI

Social Selling is the next big thing. Using social networks, sales agents like you collect a lot of amazing data about your leads. It is now time to analyze these data and bring real intelligence to your online social campaigns. Linalysis is your AI based analytics platform to turn plain data from social networks into powerful resources. Ready to understand your social data?

Here's How It Works

Create Alerts
How many times you realize too late you reached the limits of social network rules?
Thanks to Linalysis, you will receive alerts via emails, SMS or WhatsApp to prevent any reductions of access or features.
Manage Reports
How effective are your social selling campaigns? Share the reports of your social activities with peers. Understand finally what's going on with the set of comprehensive reports generated automatically by Linalysis.
Boost Social Selling Index
You discovered recently how powerful was your SSI for social selling campaigns, now it is time to boost it with the right tools and the right strategy.
Convert Introductions to business leads
What is the point to send the right invitation to connect if you don't know how to convert them into real leads? Linalysis tag manager is here to help and track how effective are your invitations to convert into leads.